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The Story

Audace Copenhagen was founded with an entrepreneurial spirit and tall ambition – to inspire the people around us to fulfill their dreams and dare to take new steps in their lives. Every story begins with a dream. Our story begins with two young entrepreneurs – Simon Bajurn and Henning Cai - with a distinct sense of minimalism with an impeccable desire for raw details. By chance they found themselves on a journey across Scandinavia and it occurred how difficult it was to find garments with the same expression and characteristic urban style that they both shared. They decided to create their own fashion brand inspired by timeless Scandinavian aesthetics and urban streetwear with attention to details. A thought that would bring the power back to the men and women, who can look themselves in the mirror and feel comfortable, sexy and raw. 

The Name


Audace is the French word for audacity. It implies boldness and a willingness to dare to do more, something which can be admired or frowned upon. Our interpretation is similar to that of the former British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, who once said: "Success is the child of audacity". The name Audace Copenhagen seeks to encourage the will to take chances and convert dreams into success.

The Design

Our mission is to create minimalistic and raw garments to compliment the confident man who desires to look effortlessly cool. The design draws inspiration from the urban lifestyle, Scandinavian aesthetics and the philosophy, “less is more”. Every piece must able to stand on its own, while also maintaining the ability to be dressed up and down. The design is built on the belief that shape, quality and design creates The Holy Trinity. We seek to make our products relevant for formal and informal occasions, believing that these two worlds can be fused. We pursue the perfect fit, aim to inspire people to chase their dreams and provide designs boosting confidence.




Someone once asked us, ‘’what do you want to be known as, one day when you are not here anymore?’’ This question made us uncomfortable, but more importantly it made us think in a much broader perspective in terms of our purpose and vision. The truth is, some people are dreaming about becoming sports athletes, actors or musicians and others are dreaming about becoming doctors, lawyers or engineers. At Audace Copenhagen, we dream about becoming more than just a fashion brand, everyday we strive to challenge the status quo, we want to be innovative in every aspect of what we do and we want to make an impact on diversity and equality in society. 

The Core

The core ideology of Audace Copenhagen is built upon the trinity of entrepreneurial spirit, diversity and friendship.

Through the element of entrepreneurial spirit we strive to inspire people to take chances in pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams, do what makes you happy in every aspect of your life. Dare to dream the impossible, as optimism may be one of the essential factors that will keep you going.

Diversity and equality for us is important because historically it has been a limitation when you are different or a minority. We are all human beings, but why is it that the differentiation limits the opportunities? In business being different is an essential part of the business model, but in life it is often proven to be a barrier. Thus, we want to do our best in order to improve the status quo.

Friendship is one of the core elements in our firm, Euripides once said ‘’friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness.’’ We are founded upon friendship, without the support of our friends in the beginning, we would never have been able to continue, they were the ones who truly gave us the initial push and believe. Moreover, the many friendships we encounter in our daily work and personal life is also something that contributes to our existence.

Our vision is to become a global brand where customers purchase our goods because their personality can be identified with our authenticity and not because we have employed a better sales team.